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Compensation Training

Employee compensation is always a tricky subject to discuss. Whether you’re negotiating a salary for a new hire, or handling worker’s compensation for an injured employee, having these discussions can be a complex and emotional task. Our compensation training helps guide you through compensation and salary processes. In the end, compensation should be a win-win for both the employer and employee, so we take care to approach this training with the best interest of all parties in mind.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we’ve got our compensation plans under control. Why do we need your compensation training programs?

The job industry is an ever-changing landscape. With new laws being passed, global economies shifting, and trends in the job market changing, it’s essential that your compensation training is comprehensive for all involved. This type of training helps protect both your organization and the employees working for you. Additionally, OSHA has regulations in place surrounding workplace injury records and workman’s comp. For example, OSHA has a regulation requiring a 30-year retention of medical records after an employee has left their job. There is also an OSHA regulation that requires employers with more than 10 employees to document injuries or work-related illnesses through OSHA record logs. You can’t afford to miss details like this, so be sure your staff has compensation training at the expert level.