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November 3, 2012

Workplace Social Media Infographic: HR Must Embrace Social

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If HR can embrace workplace social media use, they may begin to see the advantages it can provide when the employees are engaged and aligned with the company culture and overall goals of the organization. A majority of companies block employees from accessing social networking sites without realizing the benefits available from allowing use of social media. Organizations need to be careful not break any federal communication and computer laws and be mindful of the social media website privacy laws for each individual. HR training can provide management with the knowledge to implement specific keys to making organizations and the workforce more compatible.

When access and use of social networking sites is limited or denied to the workforce out of fear and worry a dividing line which stops the flow of communication can exist. The infographic shows some key points as to why allowing use may be good for business, like:

• Management that uses internal social media sees cutting edge ideas along with engaging employees who invest in the company culture. • Allowing the workforce to access sites like Facebook offers organization networking, free marketing, feedback, research and skills learning. • Companies that have adapted and currently allow their employees access to social media sites have a workforce who are engaged and communicate the company culture. • Over 90% of job recruiters use social networking in the evaluation of new hires.

Technology is not going anywhere and more and more of businesses are implementing online access to employees during the work day. By providing social media HR training employees will learn privacy, respect, how to reduce risks and many other key points so the organization can feel confident once access is allowed.


workplace social media
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