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November 2, 2012

Workplace Productivity Infographic: Hardly Working

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Organizations are beginning to look at productivity of employees at work and how it correlates with the overall business. Are employees hard at work or hardly working? A lazy workforce will require companies to find innovative solutions to increase the workforce productivity. There is no formula to measure employee productivity, but recognizing some common distractions and lazy practices can help employers get their employees back to performing as a quality, productive workforce. Many organizations are using human resources training videos to have a hardworking workplace.

The infographic points out important factors and elements to what drives laziness and which employees are most likely avoiding their daily share of the work.

• Browsing the internet for non-work related use accounts for 44% of employee distraction and results in 18 hours of weekly work hours lost. This costs employers over $750 billion dollars in workforce wages. • Human Resources under-evaluates the actual wasted time of employees for an 8 hour work day. Employees confess they only give about 5 hours out of 8 to being productive during the workday. • Laziness in employees directly correlates with their age. Younger workers waste more time. If companies banned Facebook, young adult workers are twice as likely as older employees to state they’d quit their job. • 33% of workers state that not having enough work to do is the reason they waste their time at work. 23% are distracted because they feel underpaid and 14% are distracted by fellow employees.

Employee productivity and what it can cost the company will continue unless time management training can be used to help bring back focus. What workers do during the workday will remain a crucial part of all organization’s successful plans for production. Employees who are happy are more productive, feel empowered and like the recognition that goes along with a job well done. The whole workforce can benefit from business skills dvds.


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