workplace safety checklist
workplace safety checklist workplace safety checklist workplace safety checklist workplace safety checklist
Workplace Safety Checklist in PDF and DOC Formats  |  Created by: Stanford University

Topics Covered in this PDF Checklist:

  • Checking the cleanliness and order of the whole area
  • Trainings and materials needed for each employee
  • Ergonomics and safe lifting
  • Fire prevention and earthquake preparedness
  • Proper handling of equipment and machinery
  • Taking care of hazardous wastes and materials
Number of Checklist Tasks: 52 Created by: Stanford University  
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Every Topic You Need for New Employees

  • 100% Recordkeeping
  • 100% OSHA Compliance
  • Free Access to Our LMS if You Need It
Workplace Safety Training Video

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Manitoba Education and Literacy Department has produced a which will help employees know their basic rights, types of workplace hazards and how to control it. This document has also listed some trainings that must be provided by the employer and how to keep safe in the workplace.

Workplace Safety Training and Induction Program

Madec Occupational Health & Safety has created and compiled a that will provide the employers and employees an overview of workplace safety, basic legal rights and obligations, minimizing the risk of accidents, identifying hazards, how to control it, housekeeping, workplace bullying and more workplace safety guides.