9 Ways to Save Your Body From Lasting Effects of Hard/Manual Labor

Oct 11, 2017
Good ‘ol fashion manual labor can certainly be tough on the body of the working man (and woman!). In fact, the National Bureau of Economic Research States that “The rate at which health deteriorates with age is faster in manual occupations than in non-manual occupations. For many people, work wears out their health” [3]. Now, this doesn’t apply to every person, and there

How to Survive an Active Shooter in Your Workplace

Apr 13, 2017
It’s sad. It’s tragic. It has an impact profound enough to rattle an entire nation; launching citizens, students and employees into a state of fear and panic. While science and research hasn’t quite allowed us to pinpoint the mental and psychological reasons behind why school or workplace shootings take place, we have been able to pinpoint what steps should immediately be taken i

10 Incredible Facts About Breasts (Bonus: How to Administer a Breast Exam)

Oct 04, 2016
Photo Credit: Cienpies Design/ 123RF So we’re straying a little bit from our usual topics involving workplace safety because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For those of you never touched by the dark, rampant reign of cancer of any kind, you’re lucky. When it comes to breast cancer, it is the second leading cause of cancer death among women. [3] Additionally, 1 in 8

Cultural Competency: We’re Depending On You

Sep 13, 2016
Seriously, We’re Depending On You In a harmless social setting among family and friends, we virtually can’t talk about race, culture or gender disparities in America without there being some sort of disagreement regarding our perceptions about how said disparities unfold in front of our very eyes. Everyone seems to have something to say about religion, age, sexual orientation and cou

Safety Tolls to Match the Time: OSHA Penalties Rise to Accommodate Inflation

Jul 08, 2016
The year is 1990. Pretty Woman was one of the top grossing movies, and we were on the brink of one of the most technological advancements of all time. Grunge was starting to be the fashion, and the wild, loud, erratic styles of the ’80’s were on their way out (gone, but never forgotten). It was also the last time OSHA made any changes or upgrades to the ways in which they penalize comp

Bloodborne Pathogens: Dirty, Filthy Blood

Jul 01, 2016
“VICE: Tell us about yourself. Do you consume human blood? Galatea: I am a modern vampire. I was awakened at a very early age. It is part of who I am. It’s very beautiful, very spiritual. I do consume real human blood. Oh yes, I have read all the medical hoo-ha about no human having any medical or psychological need for blood. I personally, do not care what modern medicine or the psych

New research: As little as 16 minutes less sleep can harm work concentration

May 14, 2019
Poor sleep may lead to bad decision-making and distracting thoughts at work, according to a recent study by the Work, Family and Health Network. About 40% of U.S. workers report insomnia symptoms, which can impair middle-aged workers’ daily functioning in multiple ways, including less concentration and the potential for more mistakes while on the job. Previous lab-based experimental studies hav

The Not-So-Quiet Dangers of Hearing Loss

May 14, 2019
Some of the most prevalent workplace hazards aren’t seen—they’re heard. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports that 22 million U.S. workers are exposed to damaging noise levels at work, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), workplace-related hearing loss is the most commonly reported injury. It’s not surprising, then, that

Injured during driving test: Does he qualify for workers’ comp benefits?

Apr 30, 2019
If someone is injured during a pre-employment test, do they get workers’ comp benefits? The answer to that question came down to the definition of a three-letter word. Cozmin Gadalean applied for a commercial driver position with Imperial Trucking Inc. in Oregon. Gadalean interviewed with the company’s owner who scheduled a mandatory U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) pre-employment driv

Kentucky ATV Fatalities Prompt Hazard Alert

Apr 30, 2019
The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC) has issued recommendations regarding all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety after discovered a disturbing trend in fatalities. Between 1982 and 2016, the state recorded a total of 675 ATV-related deaths, or 19 per year on average. This trend led the state to rank 5th in the nation during the time span. Vehicle weight, lack of safety features and

Choosing a Hard Hat? Use Your Head

Apr 16, 2019
You’re an industrial safety professional. You encourage using the right PPE. You know the value of protecting workers from injury — head to toe. Think about this for a minute: the head is about one-seventh of a body’s total height, but it’s the nerve center for everything done on the job site. Your eyes, your ears, your nose . . . almost everything you use for sensory input res

Are You Missing Dangers Right Before Your Eyes?

Apr 16, 2019
One split second is all it takes for a life to be changed forever or taken away by a workplace accident. Each year, close to 9,000 people are killed on the job across the U.S. and Europe; no doubt all these workplaces had safety protocols in place, but clearly more could have been done to prevent this loss. The first step in preventing an accident is identifying its potential to occur—and this

Apr 12, 2019
.fixed-ratio-resize { max-width: 100%; height: auto; width: auto; } .pdfprnt-buttons { display:none !important; } Funny Safety Clips Sometimes Humor Is The Best Safety Training Option First Aid Fail by The Office Fire Safety by The Office HR Training by The Office Cultural Sensitivity by The Office Drug Safety Training by The Office These Are NOT Safe! Workplace Safety F

Cyber Safety: How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks

Mar 31, 2019
Norsk Hydro, a multinational manufacturer headquartered in Norway and one of the world’s largest aluminum producers, reported last week that it was hit by a ransomware that affected its production and IT systems. The LockerGoga ransomware infected multiple systems across the organization and impacted operations across multiple areas. As this is a relatively new incident, there are still many unk

Company fined $1.3M, named Severe Violator for variety of willful, serious violations

Mar 30, 2019
OSHA fined an Ohio metal heat treatment company more than $1 million for a variety of willful and serious violations and placed it in the Severe Violator Enforcement Program. Inspectors found that the company exposed employees to atmospheric, thermal, electrical and mechanical hazards as they performed maintenance inside heat-treating furnaces. Fine: $1,326,367 Company: Dowa THT America Inc., Bow

Study: This training improves hazard recognition by workers

Mar 19, 2019
Workers who are trained on the concept of “visual literacy” are able to spot workplace hazards that might go unnoticed, according to a study by The Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council. Visual literacy is the ability to recognize and understand ideas conveyed through visible actions or images. The Campbell Institute wanted to find out if “learning to see” improves the ability