What are the Proper Eye and Face Protection to Wear

This 3 minute safety training video covers: What are the different types of eye wear, how side shields work, what are the special optical filter lenses, what safety glasses to wear in different work conditions, what are the importance of the manufacturer’s marking.

Video Transcript

Your eyes and face can be injured by many things on the job; flying particles from shipping, grinding, sawing, hammering or other activities can damage the eye. Chemicals and harmful lights from welding or lasers can also cause injuries. Safety glasses have strong frames and impact resistant lenses and provide protection from the side with the use of side shields. Face shields are designed to cover the whole face and are made of plastic, since face shield protect against dust and splashes but not impact goggles or safety glasses should be worn underneath for added protection. Clean your eye and face protection often so that you can see further clearly.