What are the Electrical Lockout/Tagout Safety Procedures

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: What are some of the rules in performing lockout/tagout on specific types of power systems, what are the contents written in lockout/tagout program, how to identify equipment’s energy sources, how to work safely when locking or tagging out an electrical energy source, how to properly cut off energy sources to the equipment.

Video Transcript

We usually think electricity when we hear the word lockout/tagout. Electrical energy is present in power transmission lines, circuit breakers, motors and even in devices such as batteries that store electrical energy. You should lockout/tagout when repairing electrical circuits or cleaning or lubricating machinery’s moving part. When energy is not controlled workers can be injured or killed. Always de-energize potentially dangerous sources before maintenance. Never work on live circuits that will expose personnel to an electrical hazard. Following lockout/tagout procedures, the use of proper personal protective equipment and adequate supervision. Lockout/tagout prevents electrical energy from injuring or killing workers.