Step-by-Step Approach to A Safe Confined Space Entry

This 2 minute safety training video covers: The responsibility of Entry Supervisor, the duties of entrants, how to set up safety barriers around entry points, how to properly install forced-air ventilation systems, how to safely Use ladders and other gear for safe entry and exit, how to work with lighting equipments, how to properly use PPE, how to monitor the air quality, when and how to use the evacuation alarms, when to use retrieval lines system and the importance of using a two-way communication equipment.

Video Transcript

Any entry into a confined space carries with it the potential for injury and even death. So it should never be undertaking without thorough planning and team coordination. They should be fully prepared and equipped for a safe and productive operation. First are the entrants, these are the guys and gals that actually go into the confined space to perform the tasks at hand. They are the front line, their health and safety is the primary concern of everyone on a team. It's the entrants responsibility to recognize any warning sign or symptom of exposure to a dangerous situation or prohibited condition. All entrants must quickly exit a confined space when an order to evacuate is given by an attendant or an entry supervisor. The entry supervisor is a highly qualified person who is responsible for the entire entry operation. The entry supervisor prepares the entry permit and makes sure it is followed with procedure. He or she supervises all aspects of the entry from the early planning stages through to completion and exit of the confined space.