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How Workplace Harassment Starts

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: Is teasing and jokes can start conflicts at work, what is a verbal abuse, how to prevent misunderstandings in the workplace, how practical jokes become harassment, how to properly handle offensive behavior at work. Click here to watch the 17 minutes full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

Most of us cannot do our work without interacting with other people. Effective communication is usually part of the job, and cooperation can be essential. When interaction, communication and cooperation are hindered in some way the workplace can become "toxic" and threaten our sense of well-being. Feelings of stress, frustration and anger can boil to the surface. Attendance, productivity, quality and safety often suffer. When people hear the word "harassment" they usually think of sexually-related activity. But harassment encompasses a wide range of behavior… from practical jokes to intimidation. It can also include threats, verbal abuse and discrimination, even stalking and assault… and anyone can be subject to it.

Atlantic Training’s Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities Video or DVD discusses the various types of harassment that are found in the workplace, how they can affect an employee’s work situation and what employees themselves can do to help prevent workplace harassment. Topics covered in these products include:

Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities Training DVD Covers:

Video Transcript

Even if you think you understand your co-worker’s sense of humor, you just never know when something you meant to be funny it’s going to be taken in a wrong way. Harassment is painful to its victims it’s human nature that want to fit in, no one like to single out for negative reason. If you’re offended by someone’s comments or actions talk to them, tell them the specific behavior that bothers you and ask them to stop. If the behavior continues or if you don’t feel comfortable approaching the person talk to your human resources manager or follow your company’s guidelines for reporting harassment and an investigation should follow.