Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities Training Video & DVD by Atlantic Training

Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities Training DVD
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  • Copyright: 2007
  • Runtime: 17 mins.
  • Producer: Atlantic Training
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  • (1) Training DVD in ENGLISH
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  • (1) Year of FREE Updates: OSHA Compliance
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Product Description

Most of us cannot do our work without interacting with other people. Effective communication is usually part of the job, and cooperation can be essential. When interaction, communication and cooperation are hindered in some way the workplace can become "toxic" and threaten our sense of well-being. Feelings of stress, frustration and anger can boil to the surface. Attendance, productivity, quality and safety often suffer. When people hear the word "harassment" they usually think of sexually-related activity. But harassment encompasses a wide range of behavior… from practical jokes to intimidation. It can also include threats, verbal abuse and discrimination, even stalking and assault… and anyone can be subject to it.

Atlantic Training's "Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities" Video or DVD discusses the various types of harassment that are found in the workplace, how they can affect an employee's work situation and what employees themselves can do to help prevent workplace harassment. Topics covered in these products include:

  • The nature of workplace harassment.
  • How to recognize various types of harassment.
  • How to handle verbal abuse and threats.
  • The many forms sexual harassment can take.
  • How to recognize the many variations of "assault".
  • Knowing what to do, and what not to do, when confronted with a stalker.
  • How fostering a positive workplace environment can increase productivity and safety.
  • and more!
  • (2) Training DVDs - (1) in English and (1) in Spanish Closed Captioned DVD with digital trainer tools for each.
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Video Highlights

Video Highlights

  • How any type of harassment is offensive or disturbing.

    How any type of harassment is offensive or disturbing.

  • How racial slurs and ethnic joke can lead to  discrimination.

    How racial slurs and ethnic joke can lead to discrimination.

  • How harassment can lead to forms of verbal abuse.

    How harassment can lead to forms of verbal abuse.

  • The unintentionally negative results of practical jokes.

    The unintentionally negative results of practical jokes.

  • The meaning of a

    The meaning of a "veiled" or "hidden" threat.

  • How making a report can prevent possible serious situations.

    How making a report can prevent possible serious situations.

  • How violence can occur from escalating conflicts.

    How violence can occur from escalating conflicts.

  • The requirement of reporting an assault.

    The requirement of reporting an assault.

  • Understanding forms of sexual harassment.

    Understanding forms of sexual harassment.

  • How

    How "stalking" is related to sexual harassment.

  • Possible company responses to extreme harassment cases.

    Possible company responses to extreme harassment cases.

  • Knowing the legal recourses concerning stalking.

    Knowing the legal recourses concerning stalking.

What's in The Box

What's In The Box

  • (1) Training DVD in ENGLISH
  • (1) Training DVD in SPANISH
  • (1) Year of FREE Updates: OSHA Compliance
  • (10) Free accesses to streaming library WAVE
  • Digital: Scheduling Form, Attendance Form, Employee Quiz, Training Certificate, Log, Wallet Cards (printable)

Video Transcript

Workplace violence is all over the news, by now we've all seen headline about the employee bringing the gun to work bu the legal story is harassment in the workplace. In various forms, harassment affects more people in the workplace than violence, over 16 million each year. in fact, many of those highly publicized of incidents of violence started with workplace harassment. 

Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities 
When we heard the word harassment we immediately think of sexual harassment but there are many other types of harassment as well. In general, harassment is any language or behavior that could be offensive or disturbing to someone anyone. The subject of harassing remarks, gestures or actions varies but can include: race,religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or handicap. As you might guess harassment and discrimination can be closely related wherever you find one, you may find the other. Remarks such as, you can't teach an old dog a new tricks can be considered harassment. If this sort of attitude influences decision regarding employment such as hiring, raises and promotions then it's age discrimination. 

Racial slurs and ethnic jokes continue unfair stereotypes which can give rise to discrimination they single people out on the basis of race or national origin and playing influence important decision in the workplace. Some people tried to dismiss things like verbal abuse and threatening behavior by saying is part of the job or it comes with the territory. Others think that victims of harassment are just being too sensitive by threats, verbal abuse and other forms of harassment can create a hostile work environment. Even innocent jokes, gags and horseplay can lead to hurt feelings or physical injuries if things don;t go as planned. 

When harassment goes unreported and uninvestigated, violence can be the final outcome so we need to put stop harassment before things go too far.

Verbal Abuse
Teasing and jokes between co-workers often start with innocent intentions, other times verbal jobs are use to test boundaries or push buttons. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior can quickly cross the line into verbal abuse such as mocking, bullying and intimidation. When this behavior becomes hurtful or offensive it can be considered harassment. Sometimes people don't realize that others find the behavior disturbing or offensive, so it's important to let someone know when they cross your line, this is the best way to prevent misunderstanding. Remember, what maybe amusing to one person could be taken very seriously by another ethnic jokes can be taken personally by members of the ethnic group that is the brunt of the joke, only one person needs to be offended for it can be considered harassment. 

People don't usually mean any harm when they play practical jokes, but sometimes these gags can hurt feelings or even painful injuries could be the end result and if a practical joke was intended to single out or make an example of someone it could be considered harassment. Remember, it's important to tell someone when you find the behavior offensive but if you ask them to stop and the harassment continues don't get involve in a shouting match. If an argument develops stay calm. So, just getting the neutral person involve if all else fails walk away from the situation. 

Sometimes no matter what you do you won't be able to end the problem and it may even grow worst. So, we need to take a look what can happen when verbal harassment gets more intense and what can we do to stop it. 

Threats are the most common example of an intense verbal harassment they can be veiled, conditional or direct. Veiled or hidden threats suggest the someone intense to do harm without actually expelling it out. Conditional threats are intended to scare people into doing something or not doing something. Direct threats are clear statements of intention to do harm. The best way to put it stop to this type of behavior is to report it.

 So, report all threats direct, conditional or veil. In fact, you should report any kind of verbal abuse or other form of harassment you receive or witness. Sometimes people don't want to be tattletale and get anyone in trouble by reporting incidents, others just don't want to get involved. But this kind of problems rarely go away on their own, making a report is your best opportunity to stop the harassing behavior once and for all. It's also the best way to prevent the situation from developing into something more serious such as violence, stalking, even murder. So, report incidents of harassment to your supervisor, your human resources department or your company's security personnel. Some companies even have and independent hotline or employee assistance program that let you make confidential reports. Local law enforcement agencies should also be notified of incidents involving threats of violence or physical assaults. 

Since verbal abuse threats another form of harassment can escalate. It's important to know how to handle situations involving violence. 

Harassment and Violence
Here's a typical scenario, two co-workers have a disagreement their difference of opinion grows into an argument. The confrontation intensifies where insults, threats and challenges. If the conflict is allow to escalate to pushing, shouting or other physical contact, it could end in a serious act of violence.  If you find yourself face with an abusive or threatening person, try to stay at least 5 feet away from them and avoid any physical contact. Assuming non-threatening posture with your arms low, stay calm, don't argue, disagree or be judgmental let them know you understand. If the harassing behavior continues try to change the subject. If they shove, grab or cornering you try to get away or call out for help. If they attempt to cause you battle harm or even make threatening gestures it could be considered assault and assault is a crime. 

Even if you aren't the one who started fighting can have serious consequences, you can get injured, suspended or fired possibly even arrested or sued by the other person. So, if someone challenge you to fight turn them down, if they pushed you don't even shock back it could escalate the confrontation to violence. If someone assaults you, try to get away or call out help is usually nearby. Remember assaults is a crime and should be recorded to local law enforcement agencies as well as your employer.

Sexual Harassment
Now let's talk about the harassment you've probably heard a lot about but may not know exactly how to handle.

When you think of sexual harassment, you may automatically picture  a male supervisor propositioning a female employee. However there are a number of other situations they qualify as sexual harassment. The harasser could also be a co-worker, someone who works for you, or even a customer, client or vendor. A men aren't only the perpetrators, women can also harass men, in some cases the harasser can even be the same sex as the victim. In fact, the situation doesn't have to involve a proposition at all, sexual harassment is any behavior that is sexually oriented or base on gender which creates an offensive or hostile work environment. And just because of behavior isn't offensive to most people doesn't mean it's okay, each individual is the judge of what they find offensive. 

Sexual harassment affects more than just the person targeted by the behavior, it can create a hostile work environment for anyone who witnesses it. Sexual harassment can take a form of sexist as well as sexual remarks, sexual advances, unwanted physical contact or assigning demeaning tasks base on gender . It can also include sexually suggestive objects or pictures, practical jokes base on gender and pressure to be one of the guys or one of the girls. Remember each and every individual decide what language and behavior they find offensive. If someone's behavior makes you feel uncomfortable, it's important to let them know about it this is the best way to prevent future incidents. 

Without making accusations be clear and concise about the types of behavior you consider unacceptable. It's also important to record each incident that occurs, if the behavior continues even after you've express your concerns you should report it to your company, having a written record of examples will help them understand the situation. Ignoring sexual harassment and hoping it will just go away can have serious consequences. Harassing behavior that goes unreported or uninvestigated , can lead to assault, rape, violence even murder that's another good reason to report incidents of sexual harassment.

A behavior that is closely related to sexual harassment is stalking, although it has traditionally been defined as following without proper authority. Stalking can cause much greater threats than sexual harassment alone.

While most people who express a romantic interest on someone will stop pursuing them of those feelings on return, a stalker will become upset. This can turn into repeated unwanted attention that often includes following the victim and other invasion of privacy. Often a stalker will leave disturbing gifts, notes or phone messages for the victim. If the target of their affections doesn't respond they may intensify their efforts, escalating to threats or acts of violence.

Some facilities respond to stalking by relocating the victim's workstation or changing the victim's work schedule either could discourage the stalker and make them lose interests. In extreme cases, a company might install a silent alarm or security camera at the victim's workstation or even post a security guard nearby. Never confront a stalker or return gifts that they give you, these may encourage the stalker to continue or provoke an act of violence. However, document each incident in case you need to take legal action later. If the unwanted attention continues you may want to file a protection order, a legal document forbidding the stalker from pursuing you. If you have any reason to believe your life is in danger contact the police immediately.

As you can see harassment can create a hostile working environment it can make daily life on the job unbearable and can lead to incidents of violence. let's review;

  • Verbal abuse has no place at work this includes teasing, ethnic slurs and practical jokes.
  • Report all threats, everyone won't lead to violence but any of them could.
  • Never get involve in a fight, no matter who starts it assault is a crime 
  • Don't tolerate sexual harassment, let people know when their behavior makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Never confront a stalker or return their gifts, you can't predict how they will react.
  • Report any offensive behavior and make sure it gets documented.

Harassment should never be considered part of the job. Treat others as you would want to be treated and ask them to do the same.


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