How to Safely Reduce Confined Space Risk

This 2 minute safety training video covers: OSHA's definition of a “confined space”, the importance of Permit Space Entry Program, OSHA "permit-required" confined space regulation, requirements of a permit-required confined space, hazardous atmospheres, conditions to watch out when entering confined spaces, different types of confined spaces hazards and how to protect workers from these hazards.

Video Transcript

So what is a confined space? OSHA defines - it is an space that is large enough to enter and perform work in, has a limited opening for entry and exit, is not intended for continous human occupancy. Some confined spaces are more hazardous than others and requires an OSHA-required Entry Permit before anybody enters the space. Permit Required confined spaces are spaces that meet the first three criteria but may have anyone of these for additional criteria as well, spaces that might contain a hazardous breathing atmosphere, spaces that contain material that has the potential to engulf someone inside, spaces that have walls that converges inwards or floors that slopes downward and taper into a smaller area which could trap someone inside, spaces that contain any other safety or health hazards.