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HIPAA Training Q&A

Who needs to receive HIPAA training?
Both salaried and non-salaried members of the UCSF workforce are required to complete HIPAA privacy and information security training. Founded in 1996 but routinely revised, HIPAA is a federal law, and stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Faculty, staff, postdocs, students, volunteers, and visitors with direct/indirect access to patients are all included, and must undergo various respective training programs.
Is basic HIPAA privacy and security training (i.e. HIPAA 101) sufficient for all employees?
No. Basic training is an important foundation, but the level of training depends on the employee’s access to patients and patient information. For instance, even employees with little or no access to patients (or patient information) are required to take HIPAA 101 (Privacy and Security Module). Employees with more access to patients (or patient information) should take a version of the advanced HIPAA module, while employees with access to the clinical systems would require additional training and approval.
Does the HIPAA law require any sort of proof of training certificate or wallet card?
Not at this time. However, there are several departments that may require additional security training for access to their electronic information resources. These departments may require (or provide) a security training certificate.
Is HIPAA refresher training required?
Yes. Workforce members receive HIPAA training upon hire; regular refresher training sessions are mandatory and encouraged as the Federal Regulations or State Privacy Laws change. The Office of HIPAA Compliance provides training for departments, programs, or staff upon request.
Is HIPAA training required for "temp" employees?
Yes. Employers should train all full-time and part-time employees, as well as temp employees or extra help, so as to be covered by HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA Training Videos - Sample Clip

HIPAA Training Videos


Training Format Comparison Chart

Price DVD Kit
Online Training
In-Person Training
  • DVD cost effectively trains and retrains an unlimited amount of employees.
  • No trainer required, just pop in and play.
  • Video content keeps trainees engaged.
  • Very convenient, multiple employees don’t need to be pulled off the floor at once for a training session.
  • Includes both video content and an interactive quiz element to keep workers engaged.
  • More engaging than traditional training formats.
  • Can be customized to fit a companies specific work environment and equipment.
  • The only training option that can cover the "hands on" and "evaluation" portions of the training in addition to the "classroom" portion of the training.
  • Can be difficult to pull multiple workers off the floor at once to watch the video.
  • The DVD can get lost or scratched.
  • DVD can only train workers at a single location.
  • Due to the per person pricing format, it’s expensive for large companies that need to train hundreds or thousands of employees.
  • By far the most expensive training medium.
  • Administering refresher training as well as initial training for new employees can be a logistical nightmare.

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