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Electrical Safety Training Programs and Courses

Electrical Safety

 Electricity is an invaluable asset to humanity; it lights up our homes, businesses, powers most machinery,  tools and now cars too. We are so used to it so  €œtake it for granted€ and loss sight of safety measures. Employees need to know how electricity works, and what they should do to protect themselves from its hazards. Our training products on "Electrical Safety Training" remind employees about electrical hazards they may face in their jobs, and provides the information they need to work safely around electricity. This program will also assist in satisfying the OSHA Electrical Safety training requirements under 29 CFR Part 1910.331 (Electrical Safety Standard) for "non-qualified" employees. Topics covered in these products include: How electricity works, Fuses and circuit breakers, Grounding and GFIs, Safe work practices, Outlets, plugs and extension cords, Working with electrical equipment, Using ladders around electricity, Electrical emergencies, and more.


OSHA's Position On Electrical Safety Training

It would definitely stand to reason that any industry that requires employees to be exposed to potential electrical hazards would be subject to regulations involving proper safety procedures. OSHA has specific mandates in this area and this means that you, as an employer, are responsible for making sure that training is provided per OSHA 1910.332(b). Of course, the safety of your employees should always be a prime consideration and everyone needs to understand the safest way to approach their work responsibilities. Because of this, you will want to make sure that your training materials represent the highest quality available. Additionally, you will want these materials to be comprehensive and easy to understand. The training materials that we offer include:

Electrical safety training is another one of those training categories that employees should be exposed to, prior to being allowed to work in an electrical environment. Because of this, if you want the convenience of hiring employees on an individual basis, you’ll need to have on-site training materials. For this very reason, we have made electrical safety training materials available that deal specifically with subjects required by OSHA compliance.

Upgrading your compliance training library with our easy-to-comprehend, quality videos is as simple as choosing the appropriate subject matter and placing your order. If you have any questions regarding OSHA compliance training materials, give us a call today!


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