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Electrocution Hazards Part I: Worksite Safety

Preview Course

Discover worksite safety measures to prevent electrocution hazards, promoting a safer environment for all.

18 minutes   |   SKU: CS368    |    Language(s): EN / ES    |    Produced 2020








18 minutes

Training Objectives

Promote workplace safety
Increase hazard awareness
Guide electrical safety practices
Enhance emergency response preparedness

Course Overview

Getting things done on a job site can require plenty of electrical energy, and it's easy to forget that electricity can cause painful shocks, burns... even "electrocution". Every year, it causes hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries in the construction industry. But these incidents could have been prevented.

Atlantic's "Electrocution Hazards Part I: Worksite Safety" training products discuss the electrical hazards that can be found on a job site, the OSHA standards that have been established to protect workers from them, and what employees should do to avoid accidents and injuries involving electricity. Topics covered include:

  • Electrical hazards and OSHA standards.
  • High voltage power lines.
  • Tools, extension cords and receptacles.
  • Grounding, continuity and GFCIs.
  • Lock-out/tag-out.
  • and more.

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