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Power Tools Safety Training Programs and Courses

Power Tools Safety

Hand and power tools are used every day in construction, maintenance, and manufacturing industries, just to name a few. They make jobs easier, allowing the employees to be more efficient and productive. However, hand and power tools pose a high risk of accidents and injuries. Most of the accidents that are reported yearly could have been avoided, often failure to realize the hazards involved with using the tool lead to an accident. These types of mishaps cost businesses millions of dollars in damages each and every year. Compliance and Safety offers comprehensive training products on "Hand and Power Tool Safety" to help reduce the amount of accident that occur.  The training programs show how accidents can be significantly reduced by applying good general safety rules, and review what hazards are associated with the specific types of tools employees use. Other topics covered in these products include: Choosing tools that fit you and the job, Protecting yourself and others from tool-related hazards, Personal protective equipment, The special hazards associated with electric power tools, Tool care and maintenance, and more.

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OSHA's Position On Power Tools Safety Training

One of the greatest sources of injury in workplaces across the U.S. comes from the improper use of hand tools. That’s because they’re used every day in construction, industrial, maintenance, warehouse environments and quite a few other work situations. While hand tools most certainly make our work and lives easier, they can also do just the opposite in situations where improper use occurs. It’s interesting to note, that in many work environments, employees can be expected to use hand tools without having received the proper training. Assuming, for example, that just because an employee is male, and owns a house, that he must know how to handle a power drill can be a serious error on the part of a supervisor. The employee might even be reluctant to indicate their lack of proper hand tool knowledge. In any case, OSHA has made it mandatory for employers to provide proper training in the use of hand tools (20 CFR 1910). This is in acknowledgement that, each year, millions of dollars are spent, when it comes injuries that have resulted from hand tool accidents.

In order to assist with employer compliance with OSHA’s training directives, we have made complete video training courses available at competitive prices. The topics covered by our training videos include:

  • Understanding the need for using extra care with hand tools (OSHA 1915.131)
  • Avoiding getting in the way of hand tool operations
  • Proper use of hand tool Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (OSHA CFR 1910)
  • Hand tool inspections
  • Good Housekeeping (OSHA 1910.22)
  • and many other topics

Please look over our high quality Power Tools Safety Training and supplies. Afterwards, you can select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. We make it easy for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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