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Machine Guarding Training Programs and Courses

Machine Guarding

Occupational accident with machinery is the third leading cause of occupational death and injuries in the US. During a study conducted by the Department of Labor and Statistics, Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing and Construction fields have the highest risks of injury and death by machinery associated to them. The most common injuries reported were: being caught in or compressed by equipment and caught in or crushed in collapsing materials. To help industries minimize accidents OSHA created Machine Guard Safety regulations. These regulations require employers to train all employees of the risk, prevention and safety, and emergency procedures associated with machinery. Our "Machine Guard Safety" training programs are designed to help employees understand the dangers of working with machinery and how those risks can be minimized by proper installation and use of safety guards and devices. Topics covered in these products include: Basic machine operations, Fixed guards, Adjustable and self-adjusting guards, Interlock devices, Drive train and perimeter guards, "Drop probe" devices, Restrain and pullback devices, Adjustment, inspection and maintenance of safety guards, and more.

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OSHA's Position On Machine Guard Safety Training

Industrial accidents, involving machinery, account for one third of occupational injuries and fatalities in the U.S. These accidents are particularly prevalent in the Agricultural, Mining, Manufacturing and Construction fields, according to the Department of Labor and Statistics. The most common injuries, that are reported, involve being caught in/compressed by equipment or crushed by falling/collapsing materials. In response to this situation, OSHA has mandated Machine Guard Safety regulations (OSHA 29 CFR 1910 – 1926). The "Machine Guard Safety" programs, that we provide, are designed to meet OSHA’s requirements pertaining to employer responsibility for training in this area. All of this will serve to assist employees when it comes to understanding the dangers when working with machinery and how the proper use of machine guards can reduce those dangers. The topics that our instructional videos cover include:

  • Machine Guard Awareness
  • General Machine Guard requirements (OSHA 1910.212)
  • Machine Guards for power presses (OSHA 1910.217)
  • Conveyer belt Machine Guards
  • General Machine guard Safety Training
  • Fixed guards
  • Adjustable and self-adjusting guards
  • Interlock devices
  • Drive train and perimeter guards
  • “Drop probe” devices
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • and much more

In addition to our DVD training materials, we also provide CD-ROM format training, as well. Additional training tools available include; Training Booklets, Reminder Posters, and other items that can come bundled with our video programs.

Our exceptional quality training videos and materials are made to engage the employee’s attention, thus providing a maximum learning experience.

Please look over our high quality Machine Guard Safety Training videos and supplies that will allow you to completely meet OSHA’s training requirements without having to look elsewhere! Afterwards, you can select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. We make it easy for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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