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Laboratory Ergonomics Training Programs and Courses

Laboratory Ergonomics

No matter what line of work an individual is in, an employee is required to interact with their work environments. In a laboratory setting, good ergonomics is usually sacrificed for experimental efficiency, resulting in short and long-term injuries. Many tasks performed in research laboratories place employees at risk of muscle and joint aches and strains. Activities such as using pipettes, microscopes, micro tomes, and centrifuges can put stress on your body, mainly the spine causing long term back problems or Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs). Our "Laboratory Ergonomics" training products discuss the need to set up work areas correctly, as well as how to minimize the strain of using laboratory equipment, tools and instruments. Topics covered in these products include: Parts of the body most susceptible to ergonomic problems, Arranging work areas to minimize stress and strain, Working from "neutral" positions, Most and least stressful types of body movements, Proper lifting techniques, Effective stretching exercises, and more.

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