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About HazMat Training

Environmental Awareness laws are continuously evolving to safeguard the environment and society which is reflected in the below EPA compliant hazmat training videos. Recent studies have shown that chemicals that are used or were used throughout different industries have a much bigger impact on the individual handling the material, the environment, and  the residents live in the surrounding areas than first thought. The long term effects of some chemicals and materials can be devastating and many employees, as well as employers, may not be aware they might be violating Environmental Awareness laws. The lack of knowledge could lead to severe consequences that are very expensive to you and your company. Environmental laws are complex and broad based, and they affect businesses today in several ways, that is why technically accurate training is so important. Our Environmental Awareness programs and Environmental Awareness Video use a variety of industrial settings, to clearly summarize the many facets of complying with environmental law. Illustrations of activities where employees may inadvertently violate regulations are shown to create an awareness and respect of the results of their actions. There are training programs can assist facilities meet all of the Environmental Regulatory Compliance training requirements.  Topics includes: Waste minimization, disposal and recycling, Hazardous material handling, Material storage, Engineering controls, Housekeeping practices, HAZWOPER, Air Emissions, Controlling Spills, Dealing with the Media and more.  


OSHA's Position On Hazardous Materials Training

It can be safely assumed that any workplace that deals with hazardous waste will have safe handling procedures in place. However, it’s also important to understand that federally mandated HAZMAT regulations may not always be entirely met. In any case, specific training requirements need to be initiated and it’s important for any organization to be able to demonstrate compliance. This is the reason why the training materials offered here are specifically compiled to cover OSHA compliance topics. However, it’s important to take note of the fact that OSHA regulations can be extremely difficult to understand. We simplify everything by presenting training in an easy-to-understand format, so we can more effectively cover subjects such as:

By making this information available in a highly accessible format, training for existing and new employees can be arranged at any time that is suitable for your organization. Having the ability to put together your own training schedule will make it simple to set-up training that can accommodate specific timeframes, which may be assigned to departments that are being trained for different hazard issues. In addition, an employee make-up training session is far easier to arrange when your company has a high quality hazmat training video at its disposal.

On this website, we make it easy to select the appropriate materials and place your order. We are also available to answer any questions regarding the videos and other items that you see here. Call us now and begin creating your complete training library.