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Fire Prevention HAZWOPER Hazmat Training Programs and Courses

Fire Prevention HAZWOPER Hazmat

Hazardous materials and waste are found in numerous work situations and work related environments. OSHA€™s HAZWOPER: Fire Prevention Safety Regulation requires that all employees receive comprehensive training annually. The mandate requires employees to learn how to recognize the potentially dangerous substances and how to handle and dispose of them properly. Our training products on "HAZWOPER: Fire Prevention Safety Training" help employees to understand the special hazards that could be created when hazardous materials catch fire and what can be done to help prevent this from occurring. Our training programs cover all the requirements of OSHA€S HAZWOPER: Fire Prevention Safety Regulation. Other topics covered in these products include: The three components of fire, Sources of ignition and types of fuel, The four classes of fires, Approved storage containers, Safety measures to take during a chemical spill, Using fire extinguishers, Evacuation procedures, and more.

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