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Every new hire coming to a job site benefits from a comprehensive introduction to safety practices expected at the workplace. When a wide array of safety titles are covered during the introductory time of a new employee, a safety culture can be established thus keeping your team safe as well protecting your organization from losses as a result of an accident. Each year, nearly 4 million nonfatal workplace accidents occur each year.1 By utilizing a safety awareness program and satisfying OSHA regulations and recommendations, many preventable accidents can be avoided.

These micro-learning clips are designed to help learners understand how to prevent slips, trips and falls; industrial safety ergonomics; how to use a variety of tools and machinery; forklift safety operating procedures; working safely with electricity; preventing industrial fires and how to respond in a health emergency. Though these topics should be covered in great detail, using these topics as an introductory pillar of safety for your workers can only benefit them and your organization.