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Hospitals and healthcare institutions alike are exposed to a wide variety of hazardous materials including cleaning agents, chemicals on patients skin, pesticides or medicines. When working around potential hazardous materials, it’s necessary to understand the possible chemicals and how to work around them safely through the use of Safety Data Sheets. Exposures to certain hazardous chemicals can lead to illness such as: heart ailments, sterility, burns, cancer, central nervous system disorders, kidney and lung damage, and severe skin rashes … and even death.1

These micro-learning clips are designed to help learners understand what’s the information that safety data sheets provide, understanding workplace hazardous chemical labels, what are the different types of hazardous chemicals, what are the other common groups of hazardous materials, what are the chemicals that cause cancer, how to work safely around hazardous materials, dose and duration of hazardous material exposure, what are the proper ppe for hazardous chemicals and how to handle a hazardous chemical spill. Proper hazard communication in the healthcare environment can protect health workers from unnecessary illness and injury.