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Alcohol and drug abuse occurs in every workplace setting regardless of industry thus making it one of the most used trainings available. Though drinking alcohol isn’t illegal, it is troublesome to show up to work inebriated and/or allowing drinking habits to affect the quality and safety of your work. The use of marijuana is legal in several states though the rules on drug use falls on the employer and they can restrict and ban the use of any drug. Abuse from drug and alcohol use can be visible in the workplace through; absenteeism, staff turnover, lower productivity, poor work quality, poor morale, increased accidents, theft of materials and equipment breakdowns.

These micro-learning clips are designed to help learners understand what substances are abused in the workplace, how to deal with illegal drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, how to recognize the danger of prescription drugs, how to avoid illegal drugs and alcohol dependency and how to prevent drug and alcohol addiction in the workplace. Everyone needs to unwind when out of the office, but those behaviors can start to consume you and your safety on the job site.