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Winter Safety: Safe Driving Practices Training Course

Preview Course

Become a more confident driver this winter with expert driving techniques, hazard recognition, and emergency preparedness.

15 minutes   |   SKU: AT087    |    Language(s): EN / ES / FR    |    Produced 2024




EN / ES / FR




15 minutes

Training Objectives

Identify and respond to winter driving hazards
Learn techniques for skid prevention and control
Discover best practices for vehicle winterization
Prioritize safety with effective pre-trip planning
Equip yourself for a range of winter driving emergencies

Course Overview

With the onset of winter, safe driving isn’t just about being cautious; it's about being prepared. Snow-covered patches, icy roads, and the unpredictability of the cold can present challenges even for the most seasoned drivers – turning familiar routes into formidable challenges. Are you confident about what to do when your car begins to skid on an icy road? Or how to respond if you're trapped in your car during a blizzard? 

Driving in winter introduces a unique set of challenges. From hidden “black ice” patches and below-freezing temperatures to sudden whiteouts and the blinding winter sun, it’s a period where knowing the right maneuver for spin recovery or understanding how to conserve fuel when stranded can make all the difference. With the right knowledge, skills, and precautionary measures, you can confidently navigate through winter's most challenging terrains.  

This course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of these challenges and provide you with practical solutions to safeguard your journey. You'll learn not just how to drive safely in winter weather, but also how to respond to winter driving emergencies. We’ll cover the steps to take in winterizing your vehicle, the importance of pre-trip planning, and essential items to have in your car to make sure you’re prepared for whatever winter hazards come your way. 

Whether you're a daily commuter, a long-distance driver, or someone gearing up for a winter road trip, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills essential for the season, making your winter driving experience both safer and more predictable.

This program is available with Spanish and French closed captions.

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