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Ultimate Defensive Driving Training Streaming Video On Demand

Streaming Video
108 minutes
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Course Description

Ultimate Defensive Driving Training Details

This course provides factual information to help the viewers achieve a better understand of vehicle safety and defensive driving. The program reviews how defensive driving has evolved over the past 60 or 70 years. By learning from the past we should be able to improve defensive driving and accident prevention. The ultimate goal is to show awareness and the importance of driving safely and following the rules of the road.

We have a wide range of written materials, tests, tip sheets, manuals and more. This program was developed and produced by an individual who has owned a driver's license for over 60 years and for the past 35 years has averaged 50,000 miles per year, never caused an accident, nor received a moving violation. He admits to two parking tickets. He is not a truck driver. 


  • Introduction
  • Driving Judgment
  • Blind Spots and Spacing
  • Mirrors
  • Stop - Look and Listen
  • Check Your Vehicle
  • Sharing the Road
  • Dangers of Drowsy Driving
  • How Aging Affects Driving Safety
  • Sharing the Road with Trucks
  • Road Construction Projects
  • The Authorities
  • Driving the Speed Limit
  • Road Animals
  • Road Rage
  • Drinking and Driving
  • Hydroplaning
  • Post Accident
  • Cell Phones - Texting - I-Pods
  • Red Lights and Traffic Signals
  • The Weather
  • Pedestrians
  • Motorcycles
  • Tailgating
  • What is Defensive Driving?
  • Watch Behind You


Runtime: 110 Min.


The DVD is provided in modules, so you can select the subject you want to teach, as you may want to teach only one subject at a time, rather than watching the complete program all at once. This allows you to stretch out the information over a period of time, so you can concentrate on the priorities in your company. DVD can be played at one time. 110 minutes.


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