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The Bed Bug Problem Online Interactive Course

Interactive Training
20 minutes
Preview only represents the video content within this Interactive Training course and is not to be used for training purposes. If you'd like to preview the program in it's entirety, questions included, please reach out to us.

Course Description

The recent outbreak of bed bugs since World War II has sent a fear among apartment dwellers, college students and travelers the nation. Bed bugs resist many pesticides and spread quickly in certain mattress-heavy buildings such as hotels, dormitories and apartment complexes. Bed bugs carry no known disease and health departments do not consider it a public health threat. This program will focus on how bed bugs affect and gain access in dwellings, their biology, infestations, bites, feeding habits, and how to eliminate them.

Key Words: Bed Bugs, Bed Bug Access, Infestation, Bites, Feeding Habits, Elimination, Resist Pesticides, Hotels, Dormitories, Apartment Complex, No Disease, Health Threat, Safety Video, Safety Training

Runtime: 16 Min.

  • Program Outline
  • Bed Bugs
  • Detection
  • Eliminating Bed Bugs
  • More on Bed Bugs
  • How to Eliminate Bed Bugs
  • Domestic Treatment Sanitation
  • Traveling
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