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Product Development: Design, Strategy and Launch Training Course

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From concept to customer: Master the essential steps for researching, testing, and successfully launching your next product.

15 minutes   |   SKU: AT088    |    Language(s): EN / ES / FR    |    Produced 2024




EN / ES / FR




15 minutes

Training Objectives

Understand the key phases of the product development process
Evaluate and validate product ideas through market analysis
Learn best practices for prototyping, Alpha, and Beta testing
Gain insights into crafting a successful Go-to-Market strategy
Make data-driven decisions to maximize product success

Course Overview

Ever wondered how a mere idea transforms into a market-ready product? In today's fast-paced, innovation-driven market, a clear understanding of the product development process isn’t just a luxury—it's a necessity. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to disrupt an industry, a project manager overseeing a team, or a team member contributing to a product, mastering the complexities from conceptualization to market launch is critical.

From conducting market research to launching your product successfully, every stage demands meticulous planning, execution, and monitoring. We cover critical aspects of product development such as Idea Generation and Evaluation, Concept Testing, Business Analysis, Prototyping, Alpha and Beta Testing, and Product Launch, walking you through each phase with actionable insights. Discover how to validate your product idea through market analysis, create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and optimize your Go-to-Market strategy.

Mastering these elements isn't just about bringing a product to life; it's about ensuring that your product resonates with your target audience and achieves long-term success. This course will guide you in making informed decisions based on data and proven methodologies, increasing your chances of success in the highly competitive market landscape.

If you aim to develop products that not only meet but exceed market expectations, this course will equip you with the methodologies and practical skills needed. Ideal for project managers, development teams, marketers, and any professional aspiring to bring an idea to market—this course serves as your roadmap.

This program is available with Spanish and French closed captions.

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