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Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Training for Canada Managers

Interactive Training
55 minutes

Course Description

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Training for Canada Managers

The Canadian Edition of Traliant’s award-winning Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training focuses on the standards of behavior expected of all employees and managers, regardless of industry or location. The training covers workplace harassment, sexual harassment, bystander intervention, violence at work, protected grounds from discrimination and related topics.

Material is presented in a modern, news show format, featuring bite-sized episodes, interactive video scenarios and quizzes and challenges to keep employees engaged and reinforce key concepts.  The course describes protections under Canadian federal law, and includes additional material covering provincial laws.

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment in Canada is available in multiple languages and in separate versions for Employees (40 min) and Managers (55 min), who have additional responsibilities to prevent and report workplace misconduct. The course can be easily customized with an organization’s policies and branding, and includes an acknowledgment form and certificate of completion.

Topics include:

  • Federal and provincial laws
  • Expected standards of behavior
  • Different forms of workplace harassment
  • Protected grounds from discrimination
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Protection from reprisal
  • Bystander intervention
  • Violence at work
  • Bullying and harassment


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