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Office Training Safety Package Interactive Online Training

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Course Description

Office Training Safety Package Interactive Online Training Go work in an office, they said. It'll be safe, they said. Sure. Hazards face everyone, in every environment. This training package focuses on the top hazards facing office workers: hazard awareness, accident prevention, and how to respond in case of an emergency or other incident. These can range from basic ergonomic hazards, to violence in the workplace, to responding to natural disasters. The diversity of dangers and health and safety considerations in office settings is vast.

Employees taking this course will run the whole gambit. We start off with one of our most sought-after topics: active shooters in the workplace. Then we throttle back to focus on the workplace culture. This includes topics such as bullying, setting and enforcing healthy boundaries, drug and alcohol abuse, and even how to work on communication skills aimed at conflict resolution and deescalation techniques. This segues into the ever-important trainings on workplace harassment - also honing in, specifically, on sexual harassment training for employees.

And what about the other hazards and incident response skills you need in office settings? This training package will prepare office employees to respond to fires (and our training isn't just aimed at anyone - we specifically look at fire hazards and response in office settings). To go along with fire prevention, employees will be trained in the use of fire extinguishers. We'll also cover responding to more than just fires. In the event of injury, everyone needs to know how to respond. That's why this training includes a first aid preparation and response course. And don't forget the larger scale dangers - we also prepare your team for crisis management and emergency planning.

Don't let your office team go unprepared! Build awareness, confidence, and competence by enrolling everyone in this package, today.


  • Identify hazards common to office workplace settings
  • Understand actions to take in an emergency response situation
  • Deep dive into workplace interactions and harassment training
  • Explain preventative measures to avoid office related injury and death
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