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Lockout Tagout: Secure Safely Streaming Video

Streaming Video
17 minutes
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Course Description

Employer's are required to have an energy-control plan implemented for all machines, which involves a lockout/tagout program. Atlantic Training's premier safety training program on Lockout/Tagout covers all the critical aspects relative to lockout/tagout and the proper implementation of an effective hazardous energy control plan.
Topics include:
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Employee responsibilities
  • When training is necessary
  • Energy sources
  • Energy control devices
  • Tagout limitations
  • and more!
This Lockout/Tagout program is available in both English and Spanish
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Lockout/Tagout is a program mandated by OSHA to protect employees from the potential hazardous energy that could start a machine during maintenance or repair and critically injure or potentially kill an employee.
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