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Janitorial Safety Training Package Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training

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Janitorial Safety Training Package Interactive Online Training

As a janitor or custodian, you run the gambit of tasks throughout your workday. Sometimes, you're cleaning with harsh chemicals. On other days, you may be working with or around electrically energized equipment. The hazards you face can change from day to day, and any change in your schedule (for special events, for instance) requires you to be aware of diverse dangers and respond to unique situations. How are you going to be prepared? By taking our training, of course! We've brought together the most common hazards you'll be facing in your workplace to ensure you stay safe and can keep providing stellar service for a happy, long, and productive career. 

Let's walk through what might be a typical day for you. You're working the day shift, and you arrive earlier than anyone else to open up your area or building. You don't even see your night shift counterparts, but they radio you on the way out. Whew, looks like there were no emergencies overnight. No burst pipes, no attempted break-ins, and no accidents. You check the HVAC and lighting stats and bring everything up to where it should be to prep for the day's activity. Then you load up your cart with materials: paper products, cleaning chemicals, personal protective gear like gloves, masks, and safety goggles. As you walk to your main areas, you see water pooling around one of the dehumidifiers. Keeping clear of the water, you unplug the device, carefully move it away from the wall, and get to work with your mop. 

Just in the one scenario, alone, you've experienced slip and fall hazards, electrical dangers, and even ergonomic hazards to avoid! And your work day has just begun! What about all the other hazards you face throughout the day? You're going to need to be armed with crisis management and emergency response, HAZMAT and chemical hazards, material handling, first aid, and even workplace violence training! You have your hands in everything, so we've crafted this training package to meet your unique need. Thanks for all you do!


  • Apply first aid techniques and bloodborne pathogen precautions
  • Safely lift and handle materials and apply ergonomics principles
  • Build awareness of chemical and other material hazards
  • Work safely around electrical and other common job hazards
  • Be ready to prepare to emergency situations, violent acts, and spills
  • Develop skills to support safe equipment operation
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