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Insider Trading: It's Not Worth the Risk Training Course

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Unlock the secrets of insider trading with this course. Learn its definition, consequences, and how to stay compliant.

6 minutes   |   SKU: ABCINS    |    Language(s): EN    |    Produced 2015








6 minutes

Training Objectives

Define insider trading and its impact on market fairness
Understand the importance of preventing insider trading
Grasp the legal consequences for insider trading violations
Illustrate examples of insider trading violations

Course Overview

Ever wondered about the mysterious world of insider trading? This course demystifies the concept, explaining it as the illegal use of non-public, confidential information for an advantage in securities trading. From the notorious cases like Martha Stewart to the SEC's role in enforcing fairness, you'll grasp the gravity of insider trading. Focusing on responsibilities, it covers the fiduciary duty every employee has to protect non-public information.

This comprehensive training extends beyond corporate walls, encompassing not only corporate officers, directors, and employees but also friends, family, journalists, and government officials. It delves into the legal intricacies, emphasizing that knowing privileged information, even if not personally benefiting, can lead to charges. The module also illustrates real-life examples, underlining the wide range of individuals who can face legal consequences.

Understanding the conditions under which insider trading is legal is crucial. The course explores the legality of pre-existing plans and emphasizes the necessity for corporations to report trades by key members. Concluding with a stern reminder of the severe consequences—job loss, hefty fines, and imprisonment—this training emphasizes the SEC's advanced monitoring capabilities and the importance of protecting oneself from violating insider trading laws. It concludes with practical advice: keep privileged information confidential, follow company policies, and adhere to ethical responsibilities.

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