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High Blood Pressure

Preview Course

Learn about high blood pressure. Understand its causes, risks, and effective strategies for prevention and management.

10 minutes   |   SKU: 14043A    |    Language(s): EN    |    Added 2022







10 minutes

Training Objectives

Raise awareness of high blood pressure
Educate on causes, risks, and complications
Provide prevention and management strategies
Empower viewers for blood pressure control

Course Overview

Blood pressure is the force of blood against your artery walls as it circulates through your body after being pumped by the heart. Blood pressure normally rises and falls throughout the day, but can cause health problems if it remains high for a long time. High blood pressure can lead to many health issues, including heart disease and stroke which are leading causes of death in the United States.  

Most of the time, the effects of high blood pressure are “silent” meaning you may feel no symptoms. That’s why people can have high blood pressure and not even know it. In fact, it’s a common health problem as 1 in 3 Americans have high blood pressure. 

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