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Great Minds on Creativity, Innovation & Imagination Training Course

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Explore the wisdom of historical icons on creativity, innovation, and imagination in this insightful training.

3 minutes   |   SKU: ABCGMC    |    Language(s): EN    |    Produced 2011








3 minutes

Training Objectives

Explore history's views on creativity, innovation, imagination
Imagination fuels innovation and creative solutions
Learn from the experiences and philosophies of renowned thinkers and innovators
Foster creativity, innovation in organizational culture

Course Overview

Uncover the profound insights of historical luminaries like Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and others on creativity, innovation, and imagination. This training offers a captivating journey through the minds of these great thinkers, revealing their unique perspectives and timeless wisdom. From Edison's relentless experimentation to Twain's clever observations, each quote illuminates a facet of how these icons approached creativity, innovation, and the power of imagination. Explore actionable lessons that can inspire individuals and organizations to think innovatively, foster creativity, and embrace imaginative solutions.

Discover the transformative power of imagination as advocated by historical figures such as Einstein, Twain, and others. Learn from their experiences and philosophies, gaining insights that can help cultivate a culture of innovation within your team or organization. This course provides a rich tapestry of ideas and strategies, encouraging you to harness the creative potential within and drive meaningful change through imagination and innovative thinking.

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According to Albert Einstein, what is more important than knowledge?


What did Franklin D. Roosevelt emphasize regarding trying new methods?

It is common sense to try a method and admit failure if needed, but above all, try something.

What did Mark Twain suggest about the relationship between imagination and focus?

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

How did Thomas A. Edison view failure?

He considered it as a learning process, saying, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

What did John F. Kennedy believe was essential for progress?

He emphasized the need for individuals who can dream of things that never were.

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