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Great Minds on Attitude Training Course

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Explore wisdom from historical figures on attitude and learn how it shapes success and resilience.

4 minutes   |   SKU: ABCGMA    |    Language(s): EN    |    Produced 2011








4 minutes

Training Objectives

Recognize attitude's impact on success, personal, professional
Learn strategies to cultivate a positive and resilient attitude
Study historical figures overcoming challenges with attitude
Reflect on the role of attitude in fostering perseverance and determination
Apply lessons from historical figures to enhance attitude and achieve goals

Course Overview

Dive into the insights of renowned historical figures who shaped the world with their attitudes. From William James' profound realization that attitude can alter one's future to Lou Holtz's emphasis on how attitude drives success, this course delves into the transformative power of attitude. Winston Churchill's perspective on the impact of a positive attitude, Nelson Mandela's resilience in the face of challenges, and Rosa Parks' courage fueled by determination are just some of the inspiring narratives you'll encounter.

Discover Albert Einstein's warning about the link between attitude and character, Mahatma Gandhi's belief in the strength of will over physical capacity, and Henry Ford's insight into the self-fulfilling nature of attitudes. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s enduring optimism and Pearl S. Buck's emphasis on excellence as a source of joy in work offer timeless lessons. Louis Pasteur's tenacity, Harriet Beecher Stowe's call to persevere, and Thomas A. Edison's mantra of relentless effort highlight the importance of resilience and determination.

This course delves into the core of attitude, uncovering how it shapes not just individual success but also the fabric of society. Through these great minds' perspectives, you'll gain insights into harnessing the power of attitude to navigate challenges, foster resilience, and strive for excellence.

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What does this course offer?

This course delves into the wisdom of history's greatest minds, exploring their insights on attitude and its profound impact on personal growth and success.

How does the course approach resilience?

The course delves into resilience through figures like Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Louis Pasteur, and Harriet Beecher Stowe, showcasing their unwavering attitudes in the face of challenges.

What themes are explored regarding attitude and success?

Themes include the link between attitude and character (Albert Einstein), the supremacy of will over physical capacity (Mahatma Gandhi), and the self-fulfilling nature of attitudes (Henry Ford).

What role does attitude play in personal development?

Attitude is shown as a crucial factor in personal development, as seen in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s enduring hope, Pearl S. Buck's emphasis on excellence, and Thomas A. Edison's perseverance in the pursuit of success.

How does the course encourage reflection?

The course invites reflection on attitude's power to navigate challenges, cultivate resilience, and strive for excellence, drawing lessons from historical figures' experiences and perspectives.

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