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Diversity Made Simple for Managers Government Version Training Course

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Promoting diversity, inclusion, respect, and communication for a stronger workplace.

13 minutes   |   SKU: ABCDMS-GM    |    Language(s): EN    |    Produced 2017








13 minutes

Training Objectives

Understand legal protections and obligations related to diversity
Identify and combat biases and stereotypes in the workplace
Promote respectful communication and behavior among team members
Actively involve and appreciate the unique talents of every employee
Embrace diversity and inclusion as core values for organizational success

Course Overview

In today's dynamic work environment, embracing diversity, inclusion, respect, and effective communication is not just a choice but a necessity for organizational success. This comprehensive training program delves into the vital aspects of creating a workplace where every individual's talents are valued, and differences are celebrated. From understanding legal protections to combating biases and stereotypes, this program equips managers and employees alike with the knowledge and tools needed to foster a culture of respect, inclusion, and collaboration.

The training begins by highlighting the legal frameworks that protect employees from discrimination based on various characteristics such as race, age, sex, disability, religion, and more. It emphasizes that while these protections are crucial, a truly effective diversity policy goes beyond legal obligations to embrace all aspects of diversity that employees bring to the table, from citizenship status to communication skills.

Managers play a pivotal role in leading by example and educating their teams about the importance of diversity and inclusion. They are tasked with identifying and addressing biases, fostering respectful communication, and actively involving every employee's unique talents and experiences. The program emphasizes the benefits of a diverse workforce, including increased innovation, productivity, employee morale, and better service delivery to customers.

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What are some examples of protected characteristics under legal frameworks concerning workplace diversity?

Protected characteristics include race, age, sex, disability, religion, national origin, and more.

Why is it important for managers to lead by example in fostering respect and inclusion?

Managers' behavior sets the tone for the entire team and influences how employees perceive diversity and inclusion.

How can organizations benefit from having a diverse workforce?

Diverse teams bring varied perspectives, leading to increased innovation, productivity, and better customer service.

What actions can employees take to combat biases and promote inclusion?

Employees can educate themselves, openly communicate, and actively involve diverse perspectives in decision-making.

What role do training programs play in reinforcing a culture of diversity and inclusion?

Training programs help educate employees, reinforce organizational values, and provide tools for effective diversity management.

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