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Connecticut 2-Hour Supervisor Sexual Harassment Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training
118 minutes
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Preview only represents the video content within this Interactive Training course and is not to be used for training purposes. If you'd like to preview the program in it's entirety, questions included, please reach out to us.

Course Description

In accordance with Connecticut's "Times Up" Act, signed into law by Governor Ned Lamont, our comprehensive sexual harassment training ensures compliance for all businesses with three or more employees. This mandatory training, lasting two hours and featuring interactive elements, covers essential topics outlined by the legislation, ensuring that participants gain a thorough understanding of their legal responsibilities and rights in the workplace.

The course begins by examining Connecticut's specific sexual harassment laws tailored for supervisors, providing a clear framework for identifying and addressing inappropriate behaviors. Participants also explore federal protections for various groups, including age discrimination laws specific to Connecticut. Real-world case studies, such as Faragher Vs. City of Baton Raton, offer valuable insights into legal precedents and best practices.

Equal opportunity laws, including protections for pregnant, religious, and disabled employees, are thoroughly discussed to foster an inclusive work environment. Participants learn to keep employment decisions job-related while addressing harassment and discrimination issues effectively. Bystander intervention techniques and workplace bullying prevention strategies are emphasized to empower individuals to create a respectful and supportive workplace culture.

Furthermore, the course tackles the importance of managing diversity in the workplace, highlighting the benefits of a diverse workforce and providing practical strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion. By the end of the training, participants will not only fulfill their legal obligations but also contribute to fostering a safe, respectful, and diverse workplace environment.


  • Understand Connecticut's specific sexual harassment laws for supervisors
  • Recognize harassment of federally protected groups and workplace retaliation
  • Gain insights from legal cases like Faragher Vs. City of Baton Raton
  • Familiarize with equal opportunity laws, covering age, and religion protections
  • Learn bystander intervention and workplace bullying prevention techniques
  • Develop skills in managing diversity to promote an inclusive workplace culture
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