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California 1-Hour Sexual Harassment Course for Non-Supervisory Employees Training Course

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This course fulfills SB1343 for non-supervisors in CA, covering 8 key topics in workplace harassment prevention.

60 minutes   |   SKU: ABCCAL-1    |    Language(s): EN / ES    |    Produced 2023








60 minutes

Training Objectives

Understand California's SB1343 legislation
Recognize different forms of workplace harassment
Learn strategies for preventing and addressing retaliation
Gain skills in bystander intervention
Foster inclusivity and respect for diversity in the workplace

Course Overview

Embark on a comprehensive journey through workplace ethics and legal compliance with our latest course, meticulously designed to meet California's SB1343 legislation. Tailored specifically for non-supervisory personnel, this program delves deep into the intricacies of maintaining a respectful and inclusive workplace environment.

The curriculum is divided into eight distinct sections, each addressing crucial aspects of harassment prevention and workplace conduct. Beginning with an exploration of sexual harassment prevention in California, participants gain insight into the nuances of identifying, reporting, and preventing inappropriate behavior. Delving further, the course elucidates the protected groups under California's harassment prevention laws, empowering employees to recognize and address discrimination effectively.

Federal retaliation laws are demystified in one section, followed by a focused examination of retaliation within the California legal framework. Participants learn about their rights and responsibilities, ensuring they can navigate workplace conflicts and grievances confidently. The importance of bystander intervention is underscored, providing practical strategies for employees to intervene and support colleagues in distress.

Moreover, the course delves into AB2053 training, shedding light on abusive conduct in the workplace and equipping employees with the tools to foster a culture of respect and civility. SB396 takes center stage, elucidating the rights of LGBT individuals in the California workplace and fostering inclusivity. Finally, diversity, tolerance, and respect are championed as essential pillars of a harmonious organizational culture, promoting understanding and collaboration among colleagues.

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What is the primary focus of the course?

The course focuses on workplace harassment prevention, particularly in alignment with California's SB1343 legislation.

How many sections does the course comprise?

The course consists of eight sections, each covering various aspects of workplace conduct and legal compliance.

What topics are covered under harassment prevention in California?

Sexual harassment prevention, protected groups, federal and state retaliation laws, bystander intervention, and more.

Why is bystander intervention important?

Bystander intervention equips employees with the skills to intervene and support colleagues experiencing harassment or discrimination.

What is the significance of SB396 in the course?

SB396 highlights LGBT rights in the California workplace, promoting inclusivity and diversity awareness among employees.

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