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Active Shootings in the Workplace: Prevention & Survival Training Course

Preview Course

Empower your workplace with vital abilities to prevent and survive active shootings, ensuring readiness and protecting lives.

12 minutes   |   SKU: ABCSHO    |    Language(s): EN / ES    |    Produced 2017








12 minutes

Training Objectives

Recognize active shooter profiles and potential threats
Conduct effective threat assessments in the workplace
Understand when and how to report suspicious behavior
Implement prevention strategies to enhance workplace safety
Familiarize "Run, Hide, Fight" plan awareness for active shooter situations

Course Overview

It seems like active shootings are always in the news. They have become so common that breaking news about a shooting no longer causes surprise. Statistically speaking active shooter events are just a small portion of all workplace violence. However, their effect is so devastating that every workplace should be prepared. It just may save lives. 

This brand-new active shooting prevention and survival course is one of a just a few courses on the market specifically for workplaces. 

The course covers: 

  • Active shooter profiles
  • Threat assessments
  • When to report to report suspicious behavior
  • Preparation
  • The Plan recommended by the homeland security, the FBI, and local law enforcement.  Run, Hide, Fight
  • How to react when the SWAT team arrives.
  • Prevention strategies

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Why is preparedness for active shootings crucial in today's workplaces?

While statistically rare, the devastating impact of active shooter events necessitates workplace preparedness to safeguard lives.

What aspects of workplace safety does the course cover to prevent active shootings?

The course covers active shooter profiles, threat assessments, recognizing suspicious behavior, and implementing prevention strategies.

What is the recommended plan emphasized in the course for active shooter situations?

The "Run, Hide, Fight" plan recommended by Homeland Security, the FBI, and local law enforcement.

Why is it important for employees to understand when and how to report suspicious behavior?

Reporting suspicious behavior is a proactive step in preventing potential threats and enhancing overall workplace safety.

How does the course contribute to a workplace's proactive approach in addressing the threat of active shootings?

The course equips workplaces with practical knowledge, fostering a culture of safety, resilience, and preparedness to navigate critical situations effectively.

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