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Workplace Stress Training

In our technologically advanced age, it’s possible to be in two places at once, multitask all day, and accomplish more than we ever have before. Unfortunately, the prevalence of burnout and stress in the workplace has also advanced in recent years. When employees are significantly stressed for long periods of time, it can lead to reduced productivity, chronic illnesses, burnout, and high employee turnover rates. As an employer, you need to set the tone for managing workplace stress. Show your employees that you value their contributions by using our workplace stress training.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we manage stress pretty well in our workplace. Why should we invest in your training courses?

As a leader or manager, you won’t always have the full picture of the kind of stress your employees are dealing with at work. This is why OSHA pays special attention to the physical and psychological aspects of safety in the workplace. Effectively managing workplace stress involves training on recognizing stress in others, diffusing hostility and potential violence, being able to recognize necessary and harmful stress, and understanding stress-related habits such as overeating. Our workplace stress training helps you address all these aspects and more.