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Workplace Harassment Training

When people hear the word "harassment" they usually think of sexual harassment, but harassment encompasses a wide range of behavior. From practical jokes to intimidation, workplace harassment can quickly turn a productive work environment into a toxic one. As an employer, you’re obligated to make your stance on workplace harassment known, and communicate that stance to your employees. By providing workplace harassment training, you can hopefully prevent workplace harassment before it happens. In the event that it does happen, you and your employees will know exactly how to handle it by way of our programs.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we already have a no-tolerance policy on harassment in the workplace. Why do we need your workplace harassment training programs?

Where there are people, there are sure to be any number of nuanced situations or workplace dynamics. As much as we’d like to address a cut-and-dry definition of workplace harassment, most cases are unique to the people and environments in which they happen. Therefore, it is vital that you and your entire staff are on the same side in preventing workplace harassment. Our training helps provide information on workplace harassment, but also instills a company-wide belief that everyone is responsible for enforcing no-tolerance policies on workplace harassment.