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Winter Safety Training

Work doesn’t stop just because the temperatures get cold. Even though there’s still plenty of work to do, most employers see a drop in employee attendance and a rise in employee accidents and illnesses during this time of the year. Some workers may only have to deal with colds going around the office, while others might have to navigate dangerous icy roads and harsh elements in order to do their job. Winter safety training helps prepare your employees for working in these cold temperatures, as well as helps reduce the risk of injury and illness.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we’ve been through our fair share of winters, and we’re pretty confident in cold temps. Why should we take your winter safety training courses?

Whether you’ve lived through many winters, or you’re only approaching your first winter, the hazards that come with cold weather remain fierce. Even the most experienced drivers can still slip and slide on icy roads. If you’re not facing the elements directly, you’re still contending with illnesses that circulate during the colder months. OSHA understands the hazards that come around only during the winter and has taken the initiative to address the hazards related to cold weather. Protect your employees’ health and safety by going the extra mile and hopefully preventing problems before they arise.