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November 12, 2014

Light Vehicle Driver Safety Training

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In many countries, the car is king. It’s the main mode of transportation for both personal and commercial reasons. Many companies will employ drivers of lighter vehicles than semi trucks to transport goods and people. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most light vehicle drivers.

OSHA Required Training

First Aid OSHA Regulation: 1910.266 App B

When OSHA Requires First Aid Training:

In the absence of a nearby hospital or clinic (more than 4 minutes away), a designated employee should be trained to render first aid. See full OSHA regulation for more details.

Training Frequency

Retraining for life threatening emergencies should occur annually. Retraining for non-life-threatening response should occur ‘periodically’.

Downloadable First Aid Training Resources (free):

  • Basic First Aid Powerpoint

  • First Aid Poster

  • Printable Wallet-Sized Compliance

  • Handout

First Aid Training Videos (paid):

  • First Aid by Atlantic Training

  • First Aid in Construction Environments by Atlantic Training

  • First Aid: React & Respond AHA by Summit Training

Industry Best-Practice Training(Not required by OSHA)

Drugs & Alcohol

Training Frequency


Downloadable Drugs & Alcohol Training Resources (free):

  • Drugs & Alcohol In The Workplace Powerpoint

  • Drugs & Alcohol Poster

  • Printable Wallet-Sized Compliance

  • Handout

Drugs & Alcohol Training Videos (paid):

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees by Atlantic Training

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers by Atlantic Training

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Supervisors in CONSTRUCTION by Atlantic Training

Eye Safety

Training Frequency


Downloadable Eye Safety Training Resources (free):

  • Eye Safety Powerpoint

  • Eye Protection Poster

  • Printable Wallet-Sized Compliance

  • Handout

Eye Safety Training Videos (paid):

  • Eye Safety by Atlantic Training

  • Eye Safety in Construction Environments by Atlantic Training

  • Eye Safety: No Second Chances by Summit Training Source

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