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Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment can be extremely damaging to both individuals and companies. For individual employees, sexual harassment at work can cause immense stress, loss in productivity, and even result in them quitting their job. For companies that allow sexual harassment, they can lead to hostile work environments and large amounts of money owed for legal issues. You as an employer are obligated to provide comprehensive sexual harassment training to all employees, at every level of employment, to ensure a harassment-free workplace. Our courses ensure an understanding of sexual harassment, making your workplace safer.

Sexual Harassment Training (19)

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Hey Atlantic Training, we already have a no-tolerance policy on sexual harassment. Why do we need your sexual harassment training courses?

Discrimination in the form of sexual harassment can be exhibited in many ways. Not everyone at your company may define sexual harassment the same way or understand what to do if they witness sexual harassment. By providing training on sexual harassment, you make your stance on this type of discrimination known. You will ensure that all your employees understand what is considered sexual harassment and what the consequences will be for such behaviors. Our training helps make your workplace safer for everyone by preventing sexual harassment from ever taking place.