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School Safety Training

Protecting the health and safety of children while they are at school is more important now than ever. It is vital that every staff member at your school is up-to-date with the most high-impact safety procedures in order to create a productive learning environment. Our safety training for schools focuses on everything from bus safety, shop safety, custodial chemicals, internet awareness, protection from predators, and food and cafeteria safety. You never know when a small change will protect a child, so take school safety training extremely seriously.

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Hey Atlantic Training, the staff at my school are pretty clear on safety standards. Why do we need your school safety training programs?

When it comes to child safety, schools are under more scrutiny than ever. It is the responsibility of every school employee, regardless of whether they have contact with children, to take responsibility for the safety of the students. OSHA and the EPA have required safety regulations schools have to comply with. This training will cover everything from blood-borne pathogens to recognizing child abuse. By taking our training, you’ll be complying with safety standards and creating a safer and more productive environment for students to learn.