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Rigging Safety Training

How a load is attached to a crane can make the difference between a successful lift and an unfortunate accident. In 90% of rigging-related accidents, human error is the cause of the accident, as opposed to equipment malfunction. Your employees are the first line of defense in preventing these types of accidents, which can easily result in lives saved. Our rigging safety training covers the physical and mental preparation your employees need to make a safe lift, as well as equipment inspection, hazard assessment, slings and hitches training, and hand signal information.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows their way around a crane. Why do we need your rigging safety training courses?

They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When it comes to crane operations, rigging is often seen as the "weak link". Improper rigging can have disastrous effects. OSHA has set a number of strict regulations around rigging and rigging training requirements. It’s not enough to just know your way around a crane, you need to be compliant with the OSHA regulations that have been designed to mitigate the risk of accidents. Our training reduces the risk of human error around rigs, making your job site a significantly safer place to work.