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Public Works Safety Training

Public works employees play a vital role in the development and upkeep of roads, bridges, utilities, parks, and other essential infrastructure. However, the safety measures they put in place (or don’t put in place) can affect everyone. It is vital that public works employees have thorough safety training to help protect themselves, the environment, and the general public. Our training helps reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage. By pre of awareness and responsibility, while fostering a safe and productive work environment.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team understands safety procedures. Why do we need your public works safety training programs?

Public works employees have a lot of details they are responsible for. Not only do they have to complete their contracts on time and professionally, but they also need to make sure no damage or harm is done while they’re working construction, replacing sidewalks, paving roads, or working sanitation services. Committing their safety knowledge to memory is the best way to create safe job sites. Additionally, OSHA requires employers to provide training based on the hazards they will be exposed to in their line of work. Our training helps foster a culture focused on safety, with an easy-to-understand training format.