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Machine Guarding Training

Machinery-related injuries are, unfortunately, too common in the workplace. Particularly in agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and construction fields, there is a strong need for proper training for those working around machinery. OSHA has mandated Machine Guard Safety regulations for work sites operating with or near heavy machinery. By using our machine guarding training with your employees, you significantly reduce their chance of being injured on the job. This type of training will also likely result in lives saved.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team is pretty safe around heavy machinery. Why do we need your machine guarding training?

Although you hope that no disasters will happen at your workplace (and most machinery should already have safeguards in place) industrial accidents do happen. The severity of these accidents can often result in permanent disabilities or death. Since accidents like these are so disastrous, OSHA takes machine guard training very seriously. As an employer, it’s your job to provide training that is compliant with OSHA standards for your staff. All of this will serve to assist employees when it comes to understanding the dangers when working with machinery and how the proper use of machine guards can reduce those dangers.