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Lead Safety Standard Training

Lead exposure is a serious threat to workplace safety. If unprotected, lead exposure can lead to damage to the brain and central nervous system, convulsions, comas, and even death. Lead can easily contaminate food, water, and air from a number of sources. The severity of lead poisoning means that OSHA has strict regulations on lead safety procedures. Our training programs help arm your employees with knowledge on lead safety in construction, lead exposure monitoring and medical surveillance, and other lead safety topics.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team already knows their way around lead safety procedures. Why do we need your lead safety standard training programs?

Even if your employees understand the dangers of lead exposure, the presence of lead in a home, business, or job site can still cause harm to the general public. When you engage in lead safety training, you’re not only trying to protect yourselves but everyone who will come into contact with your project in the future. OSHA has created a number of strict mandates around lead safety standards, and there can be serious fines for neglecting these procedures. Our training helps ensure that every one of your employees is an advocate for lead safety on each job site.