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Incident Investigation Training

In workplace incidents where an employee was injured or almost injured (often called “near misses”) it’s in the best interest of your organization to perform a thorough investigation of what went wrong. This type of investigation aims to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future, protecting the safety and well-being of your employees. Such investigations need to be thorough, recorded, analyzed, and their takeaways need to be implemented effectively. Our incident investigation training helps you take a “disaster” or “near miss” and turn it into a “never again.”

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Hey Atlantic Training, my staff knows how to conduct an incident investigation. Why do we need your incident investigation training programs?

For many incidents and near misses, OSHA requires employers to conduct thorough investigations. Other state laws and regulations need to be complied with as well, in order to protect your business from legal action and your employees from future danger. By completing our incident investigation training, your staff will be able to identify every step needed to conduct a thorough investigation after an incident has occurred. Our training is easy to understand and designed for long-term retention. By taking our training, your workplace becomes an overall safer environment.