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Hazardous Material Labels Training

From bottles and drums to trucks and railcars, proper labels and placards provide information about how to handle hazardous materials. Knowing what it is, what to do and not to do around it, and who to call in case of an emergency is vital knowledge for keeping your employees safe. Hazardous material labels training help employees understand the characteristics of different labeling systems and the ways that each label conveys information. By understanding the similarities and differences between labeling systems, everyone is prepared to work safely around hazardous materials.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows their labels. Why do we need your hazardous material labels training videos?

Hazardous chemical exposure is considered, by many authorities, to be one of the most significant dangers that U.S. workers face today. OSHA regulations are designed to reflect the severity of these hazards. The training you provide your employees around hazardous chemical labels needs to be thorough, comprehensive, and compliant with OSHA standards. Our video training courses make it easy to get all your training completed through our easy-to-understand format. Our training materials will allow employers to meet this new labeling process without having to completely revise their entire HAZCOM programs. Additional materials that we have available include: posters, booklets, training guides, and other helpful aids that will assist you with OSHA HAZCOM compliance and keeping your employees safe.